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Andrew Oxenford

You may wish to consider a 1mm thick thermal/acoustic insulating coating (Kimetsan Nanoguard CK) we have developed. It may address some of the issues that you are working on, following on from the illustration, including points 1-5?

Trials on Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) in Saudi Arabia reduced the internal temperature by 29°C (External Metal +60°, Internal Air +31C°) and far exceeded the manufacturers expectations. In Addition:

1. Thermal IR Image Detection Prevention, when combined with NIR CARC, removes the Vehicle and Engine Heat IR Signature down to 7 meters.
2. Reduced Demand on Vehicle Air Conditioning (AC) extends the sortie range before re-fuelling.
3. Noise signature reduction by up to 5%.
4. Improved Climate tempering results in Personnel less dehydrated and in optimum operating condition.
5. Reduced Logistics required to supply fuel (AC) and water (Personnel).

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